With its new leadership and expanded staff, the Career Development Centre has achieved a great deal in a very short time.

Our cross-programme, global team in the Career Development Centre saw a change of leadership in 2016/2017. Katy Montgomery – previously Associate Dean at Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University – assumed responsibility for developing and rolling out the Careers Core of the new MBA curriculum.

Parts of the new Careers Core curriculum were delivered to the September 2017 MBA intake even before they arrived on campus – in the form of digital start webinars – and it continues to be taught face-to-face by Katy and her team. The expanded specialist careers team includes individual career coaches for every student. This new curriculum marks the first time that careers has truly been integrated into the programme at INSEAD.


The larger team has reinvigorated support for Executive Degree Programme participants and revamped online resources for all. We are confident that the results will be visible in the form of more recruiting partners, more global destinations for our graduates and even more recruitment from top employers. Already in 2016/2017, we were pleased to note improved penetration of the US market, which has traditionally been a less high-yielding area for our students’ job-hunting than Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Other trends of note among the MBA’16D and ’17J graduates include the continued enthusiasm for everything digital. The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector represents a major destination for our graduates: we are seeing Fintech emerge as a major source of jobs within the industry.

In addition, more and more start-ups and mid-size companies are participating in recruitment at INSEAD and a growing number of MBAs are moving into companies that embody the INSEAD value of business as a force for good.

In the past year, we have hosted


recruiters across INSEAD’s three campuses. In addition, we arranged for off-campus company interactions through treks and company visits with