A truly world-class school requires truly world-class infrastructure. And during 2016/2017 INSEAD facilities – both physical and virtual – reached new heights. Whether through moves, renovations, planning or day-to-day upkeep, our campuses are in a constant state of improvement.
Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi
Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi

Campus development

A new era began for our Middle East Campus in August 2017 with the move to Abu Dhabi’s gleaming new financial centre, ADGM Square.

The state-of-the-art building is of similar total area to our previous site, but distributed much more conveniently over only two floors and designed around spaces that foster collaboration. All this – and the vastly superior location – will transform the learning experience for participants in Degree Programmes and Executive Education alike, as well as boosting our research output.

Meanwhile in Fontainebleau, the preparations for the forthcoming Europe Campus renovation continue. Over the summer of 2017, workshops were held to consult staff, students and faculty on their precise requirements, and the environmental and technical aspects of the project were fully assessed. The findings have now been translated into detailed plans, which will serve as the basis for a competition between four highly acclaimed architectural practices. The results will be announced at around the same time as this report is published.

We are also pleased to announce the completion of the multi-phase renovation of the Ermitage campus residence. Its 145 well-appointed rooms across three buildings, along with the recent renovation of the Cercle fine-dining restaurant, will significantly enhance the experience of Executive Education participants.

For once, there is no new construction in Singapore to report. However, we retain the option to develop a piece of land adjacent to the campus, once developments at our other locations are completed.

Screens replace paper in more areas across the school: streamlining information-sharing and adding new pedagogical opportunities to the learning process
Screens replace paper in more areas across the school: streamlining information-sharing and adding new pedagogical opportunities to the learning process

The IT transformation

Across all three campuses, a major story of 2016/2017 was the quantum improvement in our IT services. Under the leadership of Attila Cselőtei, Chief Information Officer, student satisfaction with IT has reached an all-time high. The IT department has emerged as a proactive, outward-facing team that anticipates the needs of all INSEAD stakeholders.

During the year, there were many innovations. The new Study@INSEAD Executive Education platform now combines all course reading into a single e-binder, eliminating the need to print hundreds of pages. The platform integrates interactive material, supporting the pedagogical process of developing ever more important leadership soft skills.

Similarly, the MyINSEAD student and alumni platform was redesigned to offer a seamless user experience along the entire life cycle of our key stakeholders. A recently-added functionality has enabled our alumni to download relevant parts of the alumni directory as a PDF file, allowing INSEAD to forgo the increasingly unsustainable print directory.

The MyINSEAD streamlining process extends to functionalities for current students, where grades and transcripts are now easily accessed online. From a usability perspective, the look and feel of the portal is aligned to that of the INSEAD website, and just like the Study@INSEAD platform, it is fully mobile friendly.

The IT team also enabled major efficiency gains in school administration. The MBA Admissions process is now fully paper-free, enabling INSEAD to provide a fast and high-quality Admissions service to applicants.

Over the year, we adopted some of the best practices and technology of e-commerce to make paying programme fees and giving to INSEAD much easier, even on mobile devices. In addition, we prided ourselves on our excellent IT security record, due to the deployment of technologies, the enhancement and enforcement of processes and the increasing vigilance of staff, students and faculty

In 2016/2017, INSEAD also made several major investments in physical equipment, renewing the audio-visual facilities in several amphitheatres and basic infrastructure in open spaces across the school.

In recognition of the strategic importance of technology to the future of the school – and many achievements of the team to date – the school’s Executive Committee has been expanded to include the CIO role.