Digital Infrastructure - 2019

Transformation that improves the INSEAD experience and enables the school to lead into the future

We achieved significant milestones in academic year 2018/2019, harnessing new business capabilities through new digital platforms and tools. 


Building on last year’s Digital Transformation 2023 roadmap, we began to realise the benefits of the Application Integration Platform. This has enabled us to implement our strategy of promoting reusable modules, which in turns accelerates the rollout of new innovations. A case in point was the speed with which we extended our Canvas learning management system to all degree programmes in a relatively short time.


Thanks to hard work throughout academic year 2018/2019, we launched a new Customer Relationship Management platform for Executive Education in November 2019. The new Salesforce system significantly enhances our sales and marketing capability and will be deployed in other departments to raise performance across the school and make the application process easier for candidates.


TimeEdit, a new scheduling platform, was also implemented for Executive Education in October 2019. It marks the first step towards our long-term digital-campus vision. Improving efficiency in allocating teaching spaces and scheduling courses was a major focus throughout the year.


Another innovation completed in the autumn of 2019 is the INSEAD GO-LIVE teaching space. This is a synchronous online teaching facility that enables participants to connect with each other and their instructor from multiple locations anywhere in the world, using a range of digital tools to exchange information, share ideas and collaborate.


Technology now plays a pivotal role in the school and is set to become even more important in the future. The journey towards our visionary Digital Transformation 2023 continues, as we progress through the transformation of all internal processes and improve experiences for our learners and our community across all INSEAD campuses and facilities.

Digital Infrastructure

Europe Campus - 2019

This year we took a step forward towards renewal for our historic home with an eye on leading in the era of sustainability

For more than five decades, the enduring design of our Europe Campus has created an unparalleled learning environment. It is time to update the experience for the 21st century. 


The main infrastructure story in the coming years will be the ambitious Europe Campus Renewal project, which promises to transform INSEAD’s first campus on the edge of the Forest of Fontainebleau. The planning stages are rapidly reaching completion and groundbreaking is scheduled for 2021. We will expand the campus, which involves purchasing new land, and construct some entirely new buildings. When complete, we will have one of the most impressive and business school campuses in the world.


Renovation of the historic Euro-Asia Centre building is already underway, while refurbishment of Amphi Dean Berry, Amphi MBA’90 and the Rotonde dining room in the Plessis Mornay Learning Space is complete. Meanwhile, our Hotels Ermitage and Clos St Merry are reaping the benefits of the work carried out over the past five years. We now have capacity to host 75% of our Executive Education clients on campus. Although we are selling our stake in the town-centre Aigle Noir hotel, we have committed to a certain number of room bookings there over the next three years.


Our roots remain in the forest, but our Europe Campus has two small branches that extend all the way to Paris. In June 2019, we welcomed six new start-ups to our LaunchPad at STATION F, the world’s largest start-up campus. Many of these alumni-led ventures seek to use business as a force for good. For example, the LaunchPad is hosting Susu, a digitally enhanced full-service healthcare solution for members of the African diaspora who are looking to offer the best quality of care to their families back home. Across town, we conducted 73 studies in the INSEAD-Sorbonne Université Behavioural Lab, which this year welcomed 12,822 volunteers and resulted in 16 peer-reviewed articles.

Europe Campus

Asia Campus - 2019

The Asia Campus is a place to learn to lead in an economy that is increasingly global and interconnected

Regular renovations were made to improve comfort and the on-campus experience of those who study with us in Singapore.


Whilst academic year 2018/2019 was not a time of major construction for INSEAD in Singapore, many upgrades and improvements were carried out to keep the campus experience fresh, modern and efficient. This year, we invested S$1.7 million on renovating the Asia Campus in Singapore. 


Learning and collaboration space renovations include upgrades to teaching spaces and break-out rooms on the second and third floors. The PhD programme saw renovations to teaching spaces and all PhD offices. Degree Programmes office space was also renovated, as were other offices around campus. Our new logo was installed at the main entrance, as was a moss wall that brings the interior of the building to life.


The campus now has a dedicated mindfulness room and relaxation area to ensure space for our students and participants to relax and recharge when they need a moment away from the rigorous academic programme. The Green Mark Platinum campus continues to embrace a force for good by completely removing single-use plastic water bottles from all on-campus hotel rooms, bars and restaurants by August 2019, among many other sustainability initiatives.

Asia Campus

Middle East Campus - 2019

INSEAD is asserting itself as the top business school in the Middle East and strengthening our position as the Business School for the World

This year, our Middle East Campus garnered praise from the record number of students and participants and was recognised as a sustainability leader.


In Abu Dhabi, the focus on sustainability enhancements achieved LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council for high environmental standards and operational practices under the Operations and Maintenance rating system. LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and the certification established by the US Green Building Council is one of the most credible and recognised green building rating systems worldwide. 


Several improvements were implemented on the Middle East Campus, including installation of white boards, acoustic panels and lighting in selected classrooms, meeting rooms and offices. In addition, one of the flatrooms was transformed into a relaxation space, complete with colourful beanbags to allow for a moment of peaceful repose.


In academic year 2018/2019, the campus hosted nearly 200 degree students, including the largest Middle East cohort of MBA students to date, and 480 Executive Education participants.

Middle East Campus


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