INSEAD Brand Evolution

A maturation of our mission and values has prompted an update of our visual identity

This latest evolution of the brand reflects our position as a global leader in innovative business education.

In October 2018, INSEAD Communications updated the school’s brand assets to give the INSEAD visual identity a look and feel that fits with the ideas and initiatives coming in the new academic year and beyond.


At the heart of this brand evolution lies a transformation and maturation of the INSEAD mission and values, which is given a more prominent voice by an updated logo, colour palette, typefaces and other elements of our visual identity. The new look is a subtle change, but it is meaningful. The evolution of the INSEAD brand is a testimony of our maturity and an inclusive representation of all that our school stands for. 


A Mission-driven Process


One of the first steps in this transformation was to articulate a new direction for growth and development. In 2017/2018, INSEAD adopted a new, direct mission statement that inspires leaders to be more responsible, with a vision built on the idea that business can change the world for good. Our updated branding is the visual manifestation of this mission. 


The process to update our brand began with a deep look at the revised mission. We then made a formal promise from which we designed our new brand framework. We examined the ideas and ideals behind the INSEAD identity with an eye on how to represent these concepts visually, while building on the INSEAD brand established over decades of leadership. 


This knowledge drives a better understanding of our brand, which is outlined in our first-ever Brand Book, a deep dive into the brand promise and philosophy that accompanies the core elements of the brand and guidelines for their use. This approach integrates the Dean’s vision and school’s mission into a visual identity that is global yet focused, open and inclusive, and representative of the cycle of transformation at INSEAD and around the world. 


By transforming people, we transform businesses and we transform the world. It is a cycle of transformation for good. This is the core concept of this brand evolution, of our project. On this principle, we are looking back at our history to shape our future. Our logo is the visual representation of this cycle. Our goal is to make every member of the INSEAD community a brand ambassador.

INSEAD mission

Elements and Assets


The Brand Book serves as point of reference to anyone who wants or needs to understand the INSEAD brand deeply. It explains the logic behind each element of the brand. Brand assets are also shared on the brand website, available to the entire INSEAD community.


Logo – The INSEAD Wordmark

The entire identity of the school distilled into a single logo. This latest version is now in a roundel – a point of focus uncoupled from the tagline. Representing the world, this logo visually communicates ‘The Business School for the World’ and immediately celebrates transformation. The circular shape suggests oneness, openness and inclusiveness. The shape and simplicity make it more flexible for print and digital platforms. It also opens up other creative uses. 

place d'holder

Colour Palette – INSEAD Owns Green

Green is a point of distinction for INSEAD and we display it proudly. No other business school uses green in their identity as we do. The new, expanded green colour palette is a unique differentiator for us with positive connotations such as sustainability, wealth, elegance and exclusivity. Complementary colours were chosen for maximum pop – to be deployed when vivid visuals are needed – and to give elegant options for more formal applications. 


Typeface – Roboto

The new Roboto typeface is modern and gives options both with and without serifs to cover almost any use. This makes achieving visual coherence easier and is a natural move from classic to contemporary. Roboto looks good and is easy on the eyes.


A Transformative Moment 


The world of education is facing a deep transformation. Today’s students are learning differently, in and outside of classrooms. Our modern brand speaks to and inspires the younger generation – future INSEAD students and brand ambassadors. This latest evolution of the brand reflects our position as a leader in innovative business education. It is a touchstone to engage the community and encourage positive association with the INSEAD experience. It is a celebration of our past and a foundation for our future.


INSEAD is the business school for the world, and now we have a logo for the world. The look and feel of our updated assets open opportunity to focus on what matters most – educating responsible leaders to transform business and society. 

The Campaign for INSEAD

Join the journey to a more peaceful society, prosperous world and sustainable future

The Campaign for INSEAD: A Force for Good is a bold initiative that empowers every member of our community to help drive change on a global scale.

The goal of The Campaign for INSEAD: A Force for Good is not just to transform the school but also to inspire business itself to promote peace and prosperity around the world. With a target of €250 million to be raised by 2023, this is the school’s most ambitious campaign to date. As of the initial launch event in October 2018, 59% of the total had been achieved – thanks to more than 11,000 donors and the devoted work of the 33-strong Campaign Board, who serve as ambassadors and role models of philanthropy.


As befits a global school, the launch events have been rolling out across the planet – in Europe on 5 October 2018, in Asia on 10 November 2018 and in the Middle East on 24 February 2019. A North America launch event is planned for autumn 2019. These celebrations are paired with conferences, reunions and forums designed to spread the word that business really can be a force for good in the modern world.


The Campaign has three pillars for promoting its message and driving the fundraising effort – Values, Vision and Ventures.


Values: Championing Business as a Force for Good


INSEAD shapes students into leaders who are equipped to tackle world-scale challenges and champion business as a force for good. Our institutional values have been clear from the start. We are open as we strive to create a rich environment of diversity and inclusion. We are rigorous as we seek fundamental understanding of business practice and leadership. We are entrepreneurial as we pioneer new ways of learning, teaching and creating value. 


We focus on two areas that reflect our values. Research, teaching partnerships and programmes around the theme of business and society is a priority. As are MBA scholarships to promote cultural, socio-economic and gender diversity, as well as an environment of excellence.

the campaign for INSEAD launch

Vision: Promoting Academic Excellence and Thought Leadership


INSEAD faculty are consistently recognised for their innovative teaching methods, ground-breaking research, impactful business cases and global thought leadership. To sustain this innovation, we must attract and retain international scholars, support our academic Centres of Excellence and strengthen our partnership with top institutions around the world. 

The Campaign fo INSEAD

To accomplish these objectives, we are taking action that promotes true thought leadership through chairs, professorships and PhD scholarships. We are fostering teaching excellence through new advances in the classroom and beyond. And we are transforming the physical space of our INSEAD campuses, including an essential update of our Europe Campus in Fontainebleau.


Ventures: Enabling Creativity and Innovation


To remain at the forefront of innovation, we must focus our efforts. We have to continue to design new learning experiences, create platforms and programmes for online learning, leverage new technologies for our MBA curriculum, develop new spaces to inspire creativity and build on our strong tradition of encouraging entrepreneurship. This includes establishing a flexible, multipurpose facility in San Francisco, a world centre of innovation. 


Developing our own facility in San Francisco opens space for teaching, lifelong learning, alumni events and research in one of the planet’s most dynamic business microclimates. Digital transformation of our activities and development of insights helps organisations of all kinds respond to challenge through technological innovation. Leading-edge research and teaching initiatives on the themes of entrepreneurship and innovation inspire students and our community to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. 


Contributing to the Campaign


All gifts to INSEAD until 2023 – from contributions to the Dean’s Innovation Fund and scholarships to major endowed donations and legacy commitments – will count towards the total. It is now much easier to give online than ever before. Our alumni and friends’ support broadens INSEAD’s reach, deepens our impact and advances business as a force for good throughout the world.


Visit the Campaign website and engage with us on social media using the hashtag #INSEADforGood to learn more and follow our progress!

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The Campaign for INSEAD - Vision, Values, Ventures

Rethinking Business and Society

Our newest institute is poised to take positive social impact to the next level

The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society ushers in a new era for INSEAD, with new research focus and new ways to teach the next generation of leaders – and by extension, new ways to do business around the world. 

In August 2018, INSEAD launched the Institute with an aim to equip leaders to make decisions that deliver positive outcomes to business, communities, people and our planet – in line with the globally agreed UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The Institute aims to transform business education and the unique INSEAD value proposition offers the opportunity to achieve that goal. Our global reach, academic assets, integrated approach and engaged community enable us to forge leaders who seek prosperous companies, vibrant communities and a healthy environment. 


The Institute will work across the school – and with our partners – to tap into our great transformative potential. Our vision is a world where businesses deliver value and positive societal impact. 


Impact Areas


The Institute brings together the world-class INSEAD faculty and staff, researchers, business leaders, alumni and diverse student body. We are active in creating new knowledge, curricula and engagement opportunities to equip leaders with tools to address our common global challenges. 


The Hoffmann Institute supports development of new theories, insights and business models that drive private sector prosperity and societal progress through a dedicated research fund. This builds on the longstanding INSEAD tradition of producing research that addresses social and environmental problems.

HGIBS Thumbnail

We strive to educate inspired, diverse and analytical leaders who create value for their organisations and for society – from our MBA, other masters and PhD programmes to Executive Education and lifelong learning. One third of our MBA core curriculum addresses business and society, and we offer Executive Education programmes on social entrepreneurship, gender diversity and other pressing topics. 


We engage our alumni community and build partnerships for real-world change as leaders implement new practices with social impact. We are proud academic partners of the ChangeNOW Summit, an alumni-led positive impact conference where leaders explore solutions to our most urgent global issues. 

Rethinking Business and Society

Walk the talk
The Institute is tasked to consider societal impact in INSEAD operations to showcase how we are leading by example and inspiring action. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint while increasing the wellbeing of everyone on campus and lifting up our communities.


Immediate Impact


The Institute opened with a goal to have immediate impact. The ChangeNOW Summit – with the Hoffmann Institute joining one of the world’s largest positive impact conferences as academic partner – is one example of early success for the Institute. At the summit, we engaged in the conversation on how leaders can make decisions that are good for business, communities, people and our planet.


In October 2018, we carried this conversation forward at The Force for Good Conference. The conference was an opportunity to share insights from our research and promote business as a force for good. We convened a diverse set of leaders and prominent academics to discuss different views, experiences and strategies on how business can prosper and produce positive outcomes for society. High levels of alumni engagement ensure that leaders put the ideas discussed at the conference into practice.


Our Priorities


Moving forward, the Hoffmann Institute will sponsor more educational innovations, spur more research and convene more conferences – both academic and non-academic. To do so, we will focus on our current priorities.


The Institute’s research, teaching and engagement priorities are dynamic to respond to the world’s changing challenges. Our initial priorities build on pioneering work done at INSEAD. Our priorities include:


  • Ethics
  • Humanitarian operations
  • Sustainability
  • Wealth inequality
  • Gender balance
  • Social impact
  • Tech for good


Our Leadership


The Academic Director of the Hoffmann Institute, Dean of INSEAD Ilian Mihov, and Executive Director Katell Le Goulven oversee operations of the Institute, supported by a dedicated team. Our Advisory Board is involved in decision-making and provides strategic advice to amplify impact and accelerate action.


Members of the Hoffmann Institute Advisory Board


André Hoffmann MBA’90D, Vice Chairman of Roche Holdings (Chair)
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England 
Cheryl Carolus, Chairman, Peotana Group Holdings
Wiebe Draijer MBA'91D, CEO of Rabobank
Edouard Janssen MBA'09J, Senior VP and GM, Solvay
Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever (2008-2018)
Jean Rogers, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Founder
Pavan Sukhdev, WWF President
Caroline Barlerin, Global Head of Innovation, Eventbrite

Hoffmann Institute Advisory Board


The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society was founded through a generous donation by André Hoffmann MBA’90D and his wife Rosalie. We are grateful and proud to name the Hoffmann Institute in recognition of their foundational gift.

A Year of INSEAD Women

We reflect on strength in diversity and renew our commitment to empower women

This year marked 50 years since the first women graduated with an MBA from INSEAD.

In 1967, INSEAD welcomed Hélène Ploix MBA’68 and Solange Perret MBA’68 to the Europe Campus in Fontainebleau, joining what was then a small movement of business schools advocating for women in management education. 

A Year of INSEAD Women


Today, the case for empowering women in business has never been stronger, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the smart thing to do. A growing body of evidence shows that improving gender diversity can positively impact both economic growth and social progress. 


The Case for Action

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016 shows how championing gender parity can add trillions of dollars to global GDP, while lifting women and girls out of poverty and opening up untold opportunity. 


The support for iW50 shows that INSEAD alumni share the belief, based on their own experiences, that gender diversity opens the door to greater success – for individuals and their organisations. These benefits can only be achieved through empowering women, engaging men and equipping organisations.


At INSEAD, we aim to make iW50 a launch pad to lead on the undisputed case for gender diversity. Across campuses and academic areas, we have investigated gender and diversity topics and engaged corporate, public-sector and non-profit stakeholders in a dialogue about the importance of gender balance.


The Year of iW50


Highlighting faculty and academic research, the 50 Years, 50 Women, 50 Ideas initiative shows big ideas that have emerged over 50 years of academic excellence at INSEAD. 


Students have been engaging through the Women in Business and Manbassador clubs, which expand the networks and resources women need to succeed and help men become champions for gender parity. 

A Year of INSEAD Women

The Limitless outreach campaign profiled leading alumnae to showcase strong female role models. INSEAD also published articles on the Knowledge platform to give leaders actionable solutions.


The iW50 Summit in June 2018 built on this foundation to further empower women moving forward. The Summit featured lectures and panel discussions led by prominent academics, government and business leaders to explore gender parity. Many INSEAD Women shared their stories of success, and what they did to overcome challenges faced in achieving success.


Lessons Learned and Leveraged

One message that resonated from the iW50 Summit and a year of engaging on this issue was that we all have a role to play in making gender equality our new normal. This is why INSEAD actively pursues gender balance. Female participation is rising across our degree programmes, women represent 33% of the INSEAD board and, for the first time, the Dean of Faculty is a female academic. 

A Year of INSEAD Women

Yet there is still much to do if we truly want balanced representation of women at INSEAD, and if we want to fully empower women as leaders in the business world.


The INSEAD Gender Initiative inspires a vision of businesses across all cultures empowering women to unlock the full potential for business success and positive social impact. This Initiative, led by Professor Zoe Kinias, focuses on four pillars of action, which starts with leading by example.


We are also integrating a gender-balanced approach to education to help students understand the value in diversity. We are tapping into alumni leadership to raise awareness and empower more people to be gender champions. We engage the private and public sector, as well as non-government partners on the issue for knowledge creation and knowledge sharing on how to realise the benefits of gender balance. In autumn of 2018, we launched our INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme for business leaders to apply research-based strategies for developing gender balance.


Through solution-focused research, giving more women a platform and voice and elevating women in our innovative teaching approaches, our pursuit of gender-balanced education is rigorous and robust. 


This is just the beginning. We will continue to develop future business leaders who are passionate and equipped to drive gender balance within their organisations. We will strive to empower women leaders to positively impact business and society.


The year of iW50 has underlined the fact that every leader in every organisation can do more to empower women. In doing so, they unleash the full potential of their workforce and lay a foundation for sustained and sustainable growth.

LaunchPad at STATION F

The world’s most entrepreneurial business school joins the planet’s biggest start-up campus

Imagine a building the size of the Eiffel Tower resting on its side. Now fill the 34,000 square metres of space with desks for entrepreneurs, along with all the infrastructure you need to launch a successful business.

This is the bold vision – and reality – of STATION F in Paris, just up the autoroute du soleil from Fontainebleau. From meeting rooms and a prototyping workshop to resident investors and event space to host thousands of people, it has everything a start-up needs for success. And, since January 2018, it is also home to a little piece of INSEAD.


A Start-up for Start-ups


The INSEAD LaunchPad has 37 desks reserved for alumni founders – a hive of entrepreneurial energy at the heart of the bigger STATION F buzz. Like STATION F itself, the INSEAD venture is much more than a physical working space. 


LaunchPad residents get support from a dedicated team onsite that leverages INSEAD and STATION F resources for them. The programme offers workshops, connections and mentoring sessions based on specific start-up needs and brand goals. In the first year, our LaunchPad residents joined more than 35 mentoring and workshop sessions.


The launch event in January 2018 set the tone for a successful first year. The launch featured an alumni panel on the “Do’s and Don’ts of Scaling Globally”. Successful INSEAD graduates took the microphone and shared their stories – Frédéric Mazzella MBA’07D, founder and President of BlaBlaCar, a long-distance carpooling platform with 60 million members in 22 countries; Taavet Hinrikus MBA’10D, the co-founder and Chairman of London-based TransferWise, which has two million customers and operates in 45 countries; and Jo Bertram MBA’08D, who oversaw the expansion of Uber into 10 countries.


Since January, the school has hosted six community events for 300 resident entrepreneurs, including masterclasses by INSEAD professors and a talk by Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google X. In addition, more than 350 participants attended an INSEAD forum on the “Rise and Impact of AI & Machine Learning in Business and Society”. LaunchPad start-ups have raised millions in capital, with more fundraising expected for 2019.

The LaunchPad at STATION F

Powered by INSEAD


The LaunchPad has emerged as a place where new start-ups can engage with some of the well-known names among the estimated 53% of INSEAD alumni who have engaged in entrepreneurial ventures in their careers. Start-ups can benefit from meeting those who have transformed small French ventures into globally recognised household brand names – Michel de Rovira MBA’04D, co-founder of the food company Michel & Augustin; Robert Keane MBA’94D, who started VistaPrint in Paris; and Reinold Geiger MBA’76, who in 1996 acquired little-known, niche French retailer L’Occitane en Provence.


In other words, there is a well-travelled trajectory of success in place for the 23 alumni businesses powered by the LaunchPad to date. Current residents include an e-learning provider, a medical device company, a face-to-face professional networking facilitator and an end-to-end service for smart-charging electric vehicles. For these ventures, the INSEAD LaunchPad at STATION F can open doors that would otherwise remain shut.


The LaunchPad accepts new applications every year from alumni who are poised to create – or already have in place – a minimum viable product or service. Our goal is to host start-ups from many different industries and entrepreneurs of many different nationalities, with at least one of our INSEAD alumni on site in Paris.


Ventures with Purpose


Ventures with a social purpose are particularly welcome. This message was reinforced by the ChangeNOW Summit at STATION F in September 2018. With more than 6,000 attendees from 80 countries learning from 200 speakers and 500 innovators, this is one of the largest positive impact conferences in the world. It was co-founded by INSEAD MBA’15J alumni and LaunchPad residents Santiago LeFebvre and Kevin Tayebaly, and for this year’s Summit our new Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society joined as Academic Partner. 


Our thought leaders benefit from the start-up ecosystem that has grown up around STATION F. This is where we can support start-ups that are poised to make a positive difference in the world. It is a place where we can convene thought leaders and bring big ideas to life.


The ability of INSEAD entrepreneurs to create new value – social, environmental and economic – is undeniable. It is hardly rocket science… but a LaunchPad definitely helps. 

For more information, please visit our website or engage with us on social media.

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