Digital Infrastructure

Digital transformation across the school shows the increasingly pivotal role played by technology at INSEAD

Our school’s progress towards digital transformation accelerated this year.


The trajectory is now formally mapped out in our Digital Transformation 2023 application migration roadmap. This charts the course to push the frontiers of education by applying pragmatic, innovative and agile information technology to core activities of research and teaching. We aim to drive operational efficiency gains, improve learner experience and contribute to the ongoing development of a seamless one-school culture. In short, we want to go beyond future-proofing our technology and lead innovation by democratising data.

Digital is central to the INSEAD experience.

In 2017/2018, for example, we began rolling out the Canvas learning management system, first in Executive Degree programmes and now for MBA participants. The new platform gives students easy access to course materials and preparation for classes, while enabling professors to introduce new kinds of interactivity and video content. Faculty can even entirely 'flip the classroom' to maximise time spent with students on applying concepts, rather than teaching fundamentals.


The new MBA Period 0 is another case in point. Much more than an online course and careers platform, it provides students with a great deal of practical on-boarding support, which eases their arrival on campus.


Similarly, as of 2017/2018, the admissions process for Open Enrolment Programmes is entirely paper-free, which enables INSEAD to provide a high-speed and high-quality service to programme participants through more sustainable operations. 


From planning and implementing a new customer relationship management system for Executive Education to rollout of a new resource scheduling tool, digital transformation across the school shows the increasingly pivotal role played by technology at INSEAD.

Europe Campus

This year is marked by renewal for our historic home and new offerings - from humble beginnings we are leading in the digital age

In Fontainebleau with our roots in the heart of the forest, and in Paris, shining bright in the City of Lights.

We are pleased to announce that the much-heralded campus renovation in Fontainebleau is now underway. This six-year project is a major investment in our historic home. To oversee the project, we have tapped award-winning Swiss-based architects Herzog & de Meuron, best known for their dramatic transformation of a London power station into the Tate Modern museum.


The impact of campus transformation on INSEAD participant satisfaction and reputation will be significant – and can already be glimpsed in the hotel renovations and expansions completed this year. In March 2018, the on-campus Hôtel Ermitage reopened after 20 months of construction work with 80 additional rooms and a new rooftop restaurant, the Treehouse. Thanks to similar renovations at the Hôtel Clos Saint Merry just across the boulevard, INSEAD is now able to offer Executive Education participants 211 rooms of the highest business-hotel standards.


Meanwhile, the beloved Camembert meeting point at the heart of the Europe Campus has been rejuvenated, along with several amphitheatres, or amphis. So has much of the Plessis-Mornay Learning Space – which makes a direct and significant impact on the Executive Education experience in Fontainebleau. Several sustainability and technical innovations are also now complete, including food recycling initiatives, climate control improvements and introduction of a computerised maintenance management system.


This is the beginning of an all-encompassing transformation of our Europe Campus. We look forward to sharing more details as the project develops over the next six years.


Fontainebleau is not our only location in Europe. The INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab, opened in 2002, has seen so much demand that new research facilities were added in 2017/2018 to increase capacity. In Paris in January, we opened the INSEAD LaunchPad at STATION F, the world’s largest start-up campus. Alumni are now able to apply for six-month residencies to get new ventures off the ground with the direct support of the INSEAD faculty and STATION F ecosystem. 

Europe Campus

Asia Campus

The vibrant Asia Campus teaches students to lead in a global economy and strengthens our position as the business school for the world

Our Asia Campus in Singapore is crucial for INSEAD and our goal to offer truly global business education.


Located at the heart of Singapore’s vibrant One North district, the school attracts top talent and has become a place where leaders convene to discuss the future of business. This year, the Asia Campus saw upgrades that significantly enhanced the learning journey and participant experience.

Studying in Singapore. Placeholder for moss wall image.

One primary focus was to improve the educational experience for students and professors alike. Three amphis, two flatrooms and several break-out areas were improved technologically with updated IT and audio-visual equipment. In addition to this upgrade in functionality, aesthetic improvements give the teaching spaces a new form and feel. To complement the natural light that permeates the space, our branding team brought the natural world inside with a living moss wall that features the new INSEAD logo and connects the interior with the natural green walls of the outside courtyard.


The warm and welcome feel was extended throughout the campus and the INSEAD Residence. The bar and restaurant were given a fresh new look, making it a great place to meet with friends or colleagues, to study or to relax. Families will enjoy the new children’s play area that was added to the family lounge. The Leadership Development Centre continues to be popular with executive education participants who enjoy the spacious amphis and top-floor dining with fantastic views. A total of 80 hotel rooms were given a makeover during the year, which provides a top-tier business-class hotel experience to visitors and a similar experience across campuses.


The vibrant and thriving Asia Campus has matured into a place for students from around the world to learn to lead in a global economy that is more and more focused on Asia. Our vision, events and upgrades strengthen our position as the business school for the world.

Middle East Campus

After a decade of growth in Abu Dhabi, INSEAD is the top business school in the Middle East

The first year of the new Middle East Campus surpassed all expectations.


Our Middle East Campus lies in the perfect location at the heart of Abu Dhabi Global Market, the city's financial centre, it also looks stunning and regularly achieves evaluations of 4.8 or 4.9 out of 5 from participants. 


The number of Executive Education and Global Executive MBA participants has grown steadily over several years, and we are now set to double the annual total of MBA students attending their Period 3 on the campus. In October 2018, the opportunity to complete a module in the Middle East was extended to the December-graduating class, complementing the residential period in January and February for the July-graduating class. The results are positive, with 83 INSEAD MBA graduates starting careers in the region. That figure should rise as more and more students come through our doors.


Research capacity at the campus continues to develop. Notably, the INSEAD Randomized Controlled Trials Lab is based in the Middle East Campus, and supports research projects across all school campuses with logistical support for field work and rigorous scientific methodology. The Innovation Works project was launched in 2018 to develop INSEAD activities in the region relating to innovation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship and venture capital.


Following ten years of sustainable growth and consolidation in Abu Dhabi, INSEAD is the undisputed top business school in the Middle East. Our focus now shifts to even greater ambition for the next ten years. As we look ahead, we are fortunate to have the support of the Abu Dhabi government in the form of capital rather than operational expenditure. This enables us to maintain full autonomy and apply the rigorous quality standards that are synonymous with the INSEAD name throughout the world.

The new Middle East Campus building.


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