About the Report

The 2019/2020 INSEAD Annual Report showcases our accomplishments and informs our community.

The 2019/2020 Annual Report is developed by INSEAD Communications through a collaborative process that involves the entire school.


We thank everyone in the INSEAD community – students and participants, alumni, faculty and staff – for your contributions to the school’s success this year. It is an honour and privilege to report our accomplishments and how this community is a force for good around the world.


The 2019/2020 Our Year in Review team


Project Director
Axel Tagliavini


Chris Howells


Elin Williams


Cody Gildart


Project Manager
Linda Furtado


Digital Communications
Dov Campbell


Graphic Design
Thomas Piemontese


Print Coordination
Christelle Bloy


Principal Photography
Maxence Torillioux


Creative Agency
Perfect Day


Special thanks to Perfect Day London creative branding agency and the INSEAD IT department for your support in publishing this digital report.

Table of Contents

Explore the 2019/2020 INSEAD Annual Report.

01 Leadership

From the Chairman and Dean
Board of Directors
Executive Committee


02 Special Features

COVID-19 Response
Master in Management: A New Era Begins
INSEAD Campaign – A Force for Good
60 Years of Excellence
SDGs in Focus: Aligning with the UN Sustainable
Development Goals


03 Finances & Endowment



04 Faculty & Research

Recognition & Rewards
New Faculty
Institutional Partnerships
INSEAD Knowledge


05 Degree Programmes

Master Degree Programmes
Class Statistics
PhD Programme
Career Development Centre
Employment Statistics


06 Executive Education

Open and Customised Programmes
New Open Programmes


07 Advancement

09 Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure
Physical Infrastructure


10 People


11 Constituencies

Advisory Council
Fondation Mondiale INSEAD
Fondation INSEAD
International Council
National Councils


12 Graduating Classes

MBA Class of December 2019
MBA Class of July 2020
Global Executive MBA
Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA
Executive Master in Finance
Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change


Annual Report Description
We are pleased to provide downloadable versions of Our Year in Review 2018/2019 and annual reports from previous years. All downloads are available in the PDF file format.