Spreading the INSEAD message around the world and throughout the school

This report was produced by INSEAD Communications, working with our colleagues across the school. But the Annual Report is only a fraction of what we do. The institutional website and one-off institutional micro sites; the intranet and internal events; social media management and media relations; branding, messaging and advocacy; the INSEAD Knowledge platform, and more… these are ways in which we collaborate with colleagues, connect the global INSEAD community and take the school’s messages out into the world. The following are just a few highlights from Academic Year 2022–2023 and events to watch out for in 2023–2024 and beyond.


A smooth transition


The transition of the INSEAD deanship in 2022–2023 drew together diverse specialists and department across INSEAD in a single endeavour. To mark the major institutional milestone, the Communications Team spearheaded internal and external communication campaigns through traditional and digital channels, including mass media and social media.


To say “Thank you" to Ilian Mihov and Peter Zemsky and “Welcome" to Francisco Veloso, the Communications team led campus events and created a dedicated webpage, videos, a highlights poster series and a book, A Decade of Transforming for Global Impact, to celebrate the past decade.

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Marking a decade of transformation across multiple media

Promoting Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


Throughout the Academic Year, INSEAD Communications supported the DEI Office by helping to create inspirational content. This included a series of videos and podcasts with business leaders and DEI practitioners, who shared best practice and advice. The podcast series ‘Inspiration & Impact’, hosted by INSEAD board member Chwee Foon Lim MBA’98D, focused on INSEAD alumni, who explored topics including leadership, diversity and inclusion through the prism of their careers. In addition, the team supported INSEAD’s partnership with the UN Women HeForShe Initiative, providing data and stories of impact for the alliance’s impact report and raising awareness of Dean Ilian Mihov’s presence at its annual summit in September 2022, as a HeForShe Champion – a role which Dean Francisco Veloso took over in September 2023.

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Websites and social media


In 2022–2023, the Communications Team co-led a project with the IT Department to overhaul the institutional website, working with stakeholders across the entire school. The new site was launched in July to great acclaim, and it subsequently won the Acquia 2023 Engage Award in the Most Impactful Tech Stack Integration category. Watch a snapshot of the new website in this video or see the results here:


INSEAD Knowledge, our showcase for faculty insights and opinions, is run from within the Communications Department to maximise its reach and is produced in collaboration with our colleagues in Faculty and Research. You can read more in the Research section and here:


During 2022–2023, we saw a steady increase in engagement with INSEAD social media channels, particularly LinkedIn and YouTube. At the end of the Academic Year, we explored new territory, as INSEAD arrived on TikTok. Across all of our channels, we prioritise content with an emphasis on powerful storytelling, attractive imagery, engaging graphics and compelling video, to showcase life on campus, academic excellence, and the global impact of our community. You can see for yourself by following our accounts:


Media relations


Our dedicated and global Media Relations Team is expert at finding the right outlets to tell INSEAD stories from inside out. In 2022–2023, for example, the launch of the INSEAD Learning Hub in March was mentioned by more than 700 titles internationally, while the Global Talent Competitiveness Index and the close of the Force for Good Campaign achieved over 200 pieces of coverage each. During the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos and the ChangeNOW summit in Paris, INSEAD Communications worked with our colleagues in the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society on live social media coverage and organised press interviews.

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We witnessed a clear increase in international news coverage during the year

Indeed, during the year, amidst the highly competitive media landscape, there was a clear increase in international news coverage of INSEAD – in terms of both quantity of stories and quality of news titles. Our results are impressive when compared with those of other global business schools. In 2022–2023, our share of voice grew significantly in our campus locations. In France and Singapore, we were consistently #1 and #2 in our market throughout the Academic Year, while in the United Arab Emirates, we improved from #4 in the first quarter to #2 in the last. Overall, across our key geographies, we achieved a 3.25% increase in share of voice.


The latest press releases, links to media coverage, research news and useful information about the school – in several languages – can be found in the INSEAD Newsroom. And of course, in March 2025, we plan to bring you the next INSEAD Annual Report. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback on this edition, please do reach out to us at [email protected].


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